Unforgettable People and Moments

I think you'll agree with me when I say that you can never forget a person or the moment when some person made an impact on your life that you can never forget about. These persons could be a friend, a relative, or just some person you happened to meet on a journey, or a passerby. Some of these moments could even be the turning points of your lives. Such people and moments are subconsciously recorded in that part of your brain which never forgets anything. So here I wanted to share some snippets of such moments when I met people who taught me valuable life lessons that I can never forget coz I truly believe they have made an impact in my life.

--> All my language teachers and the sweet moments when they decided to praise me all through my school and college life which made me realize that arts and language is a good career choice for me.
-->The moments when my friends decided to consider my photography and crazy art as praise worthy and swamped me with comments which got me to explore more on these subjects and introduced me to something that I didn't know I liked so much.
-->Those awesome days when my Mom donates food and clothing to the needy and charity organizations selflessly which introduced me to the satisfaction you get by such kind acts.
-->Those important days when my Dad decided to sacrifice pleasures like taking trips in order to cater to our educational needs which taught me that it is a good thing to sacrifice for your loved ones once in a while.
-->The days I spent with my fearless hostel roommates who by example taught me how and why it is important to be independent and standing up for yourself.
-->The moment my husband decided to support and guide me throughout my life even though he was as clueless as me which taught me to look at life with confidence and positiveness.
-->The moments and days when my online friends (virtual strangers in the beginning) spent hours listening to me and encouraging me to go on and do whatever I like which was when I started this blog.
-->Those beautiful moments when I find a new comment, or a new follower on my blog which encourage me to continue writing and not delete my blog.
-->The days when my cousins chose to compete with me which taught me the importance of winning in today's world.
-->The moment my husband decided to bag an onsite opportunity, that made me tag along with him, which taught me that having a career is not the only important thing in life.
-->The gooey moments when I get gifts from my friends, relatives, parents, and husband which taught me to be generous and a giving person.
-->My Uncle for being a constant Dad figure in my life and taking part in all important decisions in my life and encouraging me during my crisis times which taught me the importance of being in touch with relations and not shutting them out.
-->The moments when a cousin who I've never even spoke to properly took it upon him to be the big brother I've always craved which taught me that showing love even when someone doesn't like you can gain you their respect for life.
-->My ever busy brother who decided that he'd help me with my exams one day and thanks to him I cleared a most difficult paper in my engg. which taught me to look around once in a while and help those in need.
-->Those moments when he decides to support me and defend me in front of my parents and relatives which showed me the meaning and importance of having a caring sibling.
-->The moment my Dad decided to send me away to my Aunt's place after my school which taught me to never depend on only one person too much coz people will not stick by us all our lives and its important to be independent.
-->All those days when I had to travel alone and met some really interesting people which taught me that the world is full of opportunities and interesting people and I got to explore so many things. Travelling alone also made me more confident, independent, and sophisticated. The satisfaction you get when you achieve something you feared to do all by yourself is priceless.
-->The moment when my ex-boss decided to offer me my first dream job which is how I got to meet some like-minded great colleagues who've become friends for life.
-->Those days when exams and interviews had questions that I've never prepared for which taught me to expect the unexpected in life.
-->Those sarcastic and funny moments when I find someone who scolded me for making a mistake make the same mistake which taught me that nobody is perfect and I'm not alone and don't have to kick myself the next time I make a mistake (too many 'mistake's in this sentence).

These people and moments I can never forget and will forever cherish the times coz I am what I am now becoz of some of them. It was really great to reminisce all those unforgettable moments and people after so many days/years. Thanks to all of them for being there for me knowingly or unknowingly and bringing a change in my otherwise ignorable existence.

Do you have any such unforgettable moments or people who have made an impact in your life? I think you do. Maybe you'll try remembering them once again, in the comments below, or not. Have a happy weekend :)

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swats.... said...

agree :). even I came across so many such people!

rads said...

@Swats: Thanks :) Welcome to my blog.

Pranita said...

Long list... But Lovely... Family, friends, virtual friends, strangers sometimes... yes... you never know who comes and goes... as long as we learn from it and be grateful, i guess life wil be a beautiful journey! :)

rads said...

@Pranita: Life is a beautiful journey and there are so many lessons to be learnt by all the people we meet...these experiences are what mold us.

Ramesh said...

Yes, there are many who touch our lives and we can never be the same again. Your lovely long list is a tribute to all those near and dear.

Just as people touch us positively, there are those occasions as well when we meet unforgettable people, but alas, in the negative sense.

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

I could simply connect with each and everyone you mentioned in here!! :)And such a sweet thing of you to do Rads..you are so full of loving gratitude!! :)I think that's what I love a lot about you and your blog!! :)

rads said...

@Ramesh: Thanks :) and you're right, we can never forget life changing moments whether negative or positive but sometimes negative people and moments teach something positive too.

rads said...

@Jen: Aww dat is so sweet of you :) Thanks so much. I'm glad you agree with my list and I guess a lot of people can associate with it.

Dee........ said...

everyone can relate with your post :)
such a sweet one...
We meet people everyday, few makes some impact and stands for a long time....
Lovely one,,, made me to think about mine for a while :D

rads said...

@Dee: True and the whole point of this post was to make everyone think for a while and bow in gratitude..Thanks for reading :)

JKHoNa said...

You see, I read this on Good Friday or 06h April 2012, when at work, but couldn't comment due to internet security... bhery good post... :) :) speaks a lot of my thoughts clearly.. and the most liked one is - -->Those beautiful moments when I find a new comment, or a new follower on my blog which encourage me to continue writing and not delete my blog.

rads said...

@jkhona: WOW you were reading my blog at office, I should say I'm flattered. Thanks so much :) It is comments like these that truly make my day :)