Weekend Link Love #2

Here I am on a Sunday sharing some really good stuff I came across on the internet over the past few days. Well, I have nothing better to do.

"Because kindness keeps the world afloat" awesome motto and awesome song too .. one day ... me too hoping.

No matter how many times I watch this video, it brings tears to my eyes.

We don't really need words to convey our love, don't believe it? watch it.

Wanna get that feeling when you feel like "Thank God I'm not the only one" Then visit this place.

The flash mobs are finally hitting South India, never thought the craziness will spread to these parts but have to watch this to believe it.

Do you watch TED talks? You'll love this especially if you're an introvert.

A really nice project by photographer Tom Hussey. Shows that its all in our minds of how we see ourselves.

Because Diamonds are a Gal's best friend. Isn't she an inspiration?

Who do you write like? Wanna know? Find out here.

Making this dish today for lunch. Very easy, healthy, spicy, and yummy. Perfect for a staying-at-home veggie sunday.

Hope you're all having a fab weekend!

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jkhona said...

esteemed feedback is here... :) this post had nothing for me I guess... except for the last line... :) iwl.me link!!! :) u see I fwded to whole lot of my office colleague and suddenly they punch in work related email paragraphs to check out who do they write like.. :) :) BTW you would continue to remain in my browser cookies, browsing history as well!! :) :) :)

rads said...

@jkhona: LOL work emails to find out who they write like? well, that is so geeky and maybe I would've done the same too, a few years back. Thanks for being such a fan of my blog :) I still do not believe ppl actually read my blog even though there's 70 followers..its gr8 to see comments from some of them.

deeps said...

just stopping by

thanks for sharing this one....

rads said...

@deeps: You're welcome! Thanks for dropping by. Welcome to my blog :)

Ramesh said...

Wonderful. Enjoyed every one of them, but lady, I am NOT making Lima beans curry on a Sunday :):)

rads said...

@Ramesh: LOL well, I didn't wanna make it at first either but its so damn easy n tasty..you should give it a try.