For the love of Priyadarshan Films

Sometimes there's nothing like a nice bollywood comedy film to brighten up dull Sundays. Priyadarshan's Movies are just that. Bless the day he decided to step out of his mallu film world and make bolly movies. Here's a list of funny clips from my fave films of his:

 Malamaal Weekly
Khatta Meetha
Bhagam Bhag
Chup Chup Ke
Garam Masala
Hera Pheri
Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar (couldn't find any scenes from this film)  

I watch all his films for either Paresh Rawal or Rajpal Yadav, the best comedians ever. Hope these funny scenes will make you also LOL this weekend. Happy Weekend folks!

And A Happy Mother's Day to all Moms :)

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Pranita said...

Hera Pheri and Hungama i've watched so many tyms! Esp Hera Pheri... neva get tired of it.. Totally hilarious!!! :D

Truth likes to travel bare feet
Live once and for all

rads said...

@Pranita: Those are 2 of my faves too..I keep watching them over and over again.

Ramesh said...

Plizzz to state what language your post is in !! Greek or Latin ?? - From a movie ignoramus :)

rads said...

@Ramesh: Err English? if your using a regular browser like FF/IE/GC and the videos are Hindi. I take it you don't watch Hindi movies?

Jerly said...

I like many of them too. COmedy is also my favourite in films

Mak said...

Hera pheri tops the list. It is the most hillarious of all.

rads said...

@Jerly: I like it when films are entertaining in a good way like comic or romantic instead of tragic and horror.

rads said...

@Mak: I think so too :)

jkhona said...

Khatta Meetha, Garam Masala, Hungam and Hera Pheri would remain my order of rating.. :) Yes, Rajpal and Paresh play a bigger role than Akki and Johnny Abraham, i think.

rads said...

@jkhona: I would put Hera Pheri, and Hungama on top, and the only reason I watch these films is for the comedy by Paresh or Rajpal.