Its OK...


-To bitch about someone once in a while so that you don't keep it all blocked up inside you and blurt the nasty one day in front of them.
-To enjoy that bowl of ice cream while you can so that you don't crave it when you get diabetes and think if only...
-To let your eyes lust over someone other than your partner once in a while, you know, that's how you know you're still human and you have desires.
-To break unnecessary self imposed rules that restrict you from doing what you want and being happy.
-To say/do something wrong and get embarrased in front of others coz that's the only way you learn some things in life.
-To take a break from mundane routines and try something new once in a while.
-To be selfish and put yourself first from time to time.
-To behave like a brat and give some tough time to the ones around you just to show that you could be/do worse.
-To take advantage of people and use them like they use you.
-To turn a cold shoulder to the ones who did the same to you when you needed them.
-To not plan and let things go wrong coz they would go wrong anyways if they weren't meant to be the way you planned.
-To mess things up now n then coz you're only human.
-To do nothing and laze around if only to know that you can do it if you want.
-To treat yourself to that Coach handbag you lusted after for so long and pamper yourself.
-To get all dolled up and look crazy sassy although nobody around you appreciates it coz that's the only way you know how to hide your pain and not let anyone see it.
-To be irresponsible and let someone else take care of you for a while.
-To embrace your imperfections and take pride in them coz nobody or nothing in life is perfect and is after all temporary.
-To do the uncommon if only to understand why it has to be done the common way.
-To answer back to elders if you think they are getting on to your nerves and giving you a migraine with everything they say.
-To do something your not proud of and get back at someone with your full force of revenge.

I didn't blog in such a long time coz I just decided to take a break and live life for sometime. I can't really say that I didn't miss blogging but I chose not to think about it while I'm busy with something else. Thanks to anybody who's been patiently waiting for a post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Ciao!

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Ramesh said...

But its not OK to go AWOL on blogging :):)

Just kidding; OK ? Nice to see you back.

rads said...

LOL Nice to be back again Ramesh :) I may not be posting that frequently but will be more regular. Thanks :)

transient said...

-To take advantage of people and use them like they use you.

really? nah! please don't say that, i will give you all the others but that... noooooooooooo :)

It is way too self destructive in the end.

i know you probably meant it in jest or were really really mad at someone.

rads said...

@transient: LOL I just meant it once in a while, not always, I know that's not a good thing to use someone selfishly but there's nothing wrong with making use of a helping hand from time to time even though u know u shouldn't be doing it, as long as nobody's hurt.

Mak said...

That was indeed a long break Rads. Hope you had a nice time.

Comletely agree with your 'its ok' list. Though i think of taking advantage of others but i often fail to do so. It is tough.

Welcome back :)

rads said...

@Mak: haha yeah Thanks Mak, I was not really on vacation but just busy with some unavoidable stuff...and yes it doesn't come to everyone easily, I mean taking advantage of others...but like i said if it does come to you, then its ok to take advantage of others once in a while :)

Jerly said...

I understand what makes u write this :) Its tough to have the do's and dont's and not be able to follow ur hear. yeah its ok to break free sometimes.

Amruta Marwah said...

Hey Radhika,

A lot of these made so much sense, when you look into the deeper meaning behind them :) Good compilation!!!


mythri n said...

ah..the mean list! it works wonders sometimes doesn't it :) good to see u back again.

rads said...

@Jerly: Exactly! I think u got my point :)

rads said...

@Amruta: I'm glad to hear that coz not everybody gets what I've been through before writing this..I'm really happy to hear that it made sense to u :) Thanks!

rads said...

@Mythri: LOL u said it! and yes it does work wonders with your peace of mind coz u no longer have to fear anything n just do what u want. Thanks :) its gud to b back.