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We got the opportunity to spend our weekend at a very nice place, probably one of my favorite places after coming to Chicago, and I'm so glad I could visit it. Its called the Bahai House of Worship. It stands for the Bahai Faith which believes that all humanity, religions, race etc., are but one; and that the earth is but one country, we're its citizens. How cool is that! You can get a detailed info about its spiritual concepts here. Coming from India where there are a bazillion religions I am quite accepting and tolerating of all religions but I've never seen a place anywhere else that believes in such oneness. So we spent the weekend at this place in Wilmette, IL and I just wanted to share some pictures with you guys.

Wilmette looked like a very peaceful nice little town to live in. It looked like the apt place for a temple like Bahai. All in all we enjoyed our trip and I hope you like the pictures.

Do you believe in the concept of oneness or do you think its much more complicated than that? Let me know.

Hope y'all had a great weekend :) Ciao!

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Ramesh said...

Don't now enough about the Bahá'í faith, but the principles that you have outlined are extremely noble. Unfortunately organised religion has created more misery than goodness over history that I sometimes think that religion must be left as a private affair and not really organised !

rads said...

@Ramesh: Well, to each his/her own I guess. Religion, race etc., are in fact very complicated topics and to poke them with something is like poking the gutters. But introducing concepts like these is good and since nobody is forcing anybody to follow them, we're free to do whatever pleases us.

Syed Zeeshan Ali said...

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rads said...

@Ali: Thanks :) Those are definitely a few of my fave things to blog about. Welcome to my blog.