The Last Time

You never know when will be your last time doing something in life and you never even realize it until its over, and if u did, maybe there would be a lot of things one would do differently. That's the irony and comedy of life. You get so bogged down with so many unimportant routine ruts of life that you don't even care to pause and enjoy a moment while it lasts. And this could happen the last time you meet someone too. You never know when's the last time you'll be meeting a person and you leave thinking you'll stay in touch with them but even a Facebook message will become a bargain of sorts sometimes.

Calculating when will be the last time something is gonna happen or someone is gonna leave forever is not an easy thing as we think it to be. But then capturing each and every second of life and cherishing them like its your last time is difficult too. However the fact is that these memories and moments, and the people involved are what form our life and define us. Yes there's this job to take care of, and that kid to feed, and that thing to purchase and what not. We get so busy stressing all the while clogging our minds with the never ending to do lists that all of a sudden become more important than everything else. I agree its a rat race and we have to be on top of our games to win it but does it really matter if you come first or last when the ultimate result is the same? we all die and get buried one day and you don't want to die regretting missing those precious moments or those people.

The day before leaving Bangalore I never thought I'd be far away from it for so long and so many years and if I knew it I would have done a lot of things differently. Maybe I would have opted out of not going to the US at all but that's a different story and more on that sometime later ;). It isn't easy to just make out time to sit and enjoy and do what you really want to do coz unimportant-important matters that have to be dealt take front no matter what. You may be facing a person who'll be the best friend you'll ever have but you do not even notice it and give them a hug goodbye before you leave. Heck, that person might be the one sometimes but you're busy doing something else and there goes a life time of opportunity and chance of getting what everybody most craves for in life; the love of your life. At the end of the day, being happy is what matters; those people, and never to return back precious moments are what will make you happy. But of course you have no time for all of this, coz you're obviously busy with making a luxurious and comfortable life for you where you don't care if you're really happy or there's a good friend to listen to you while you chatter away about anything and everything under the sun.

Talking about the last time reminds me of farewells. Sometimes farewells are so irritating. People just sit with long faces, shedding tears unnecessarily like they lost their whole life or someone they loved just died. Its pathetic and I find it ironically funny, call me cynical, but the last day you're going to spend somewhere or the last day you spend with someone should be your happiest day of life and you should leave thinking that you have achieved what you came to do in the first place and that should make you happy. And that guys, can only be done if you really lived every moment like it was the last and cherished/valued every moment and person you spent it with.

Maybe I'm preaching, or even ridiculing what many of you do but I love giving unwanted advice on this blog and cherishing every moment of your life with the knowledge that it might never return back or valuing people enough to know that you'll always have them even when you're leaving them maybe forever, is what you can do best. There's no bigger achievement than that coz by doing so you will already have achieved whatever it is you want out of life.

Make that last time your best time so that you can have a peaceful life without regrets. There should be no "Oh! if only I knew that would be the last time we'll ever go there" or "Oh no! I wish I could get another day with him/her" well, you would have noticed its going to be your last time if you had paid attention instead of stressing over unnecessary things too much. Maybe next time huh? Good Luck!

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Ramesh said...

So very true, although why you are thinking of these, I don't know !!

It pays somedays to imagine that this is the last day of our life, and would be live it the way we are currently doing. 99 times out of 100, the answer would be different.

Well said.

rads said...

Thanks Ramesh :) I think you got my point but its not just about the last day of our life, there are many instances in life where just that moment in a certain place with a certain someone which we just tend to miss enjoying coz we didn't know it was the last time and the reason we have failed to recognize is becoz we were too busy with stupid things, mostly. And that is what I was trying to convey.