One of the first things I noticed when I moved back to Bangalore after living for a few years in the USA are:

Noise: There is so much noise everywhere and all the time. How did I live here and how did I not observe this before? It's so surprising how something becomes such a routine and part of your life that you don't even notice it. Can't really say I like it but I do feel like I missed it.

Crowds: Even the most remote and least populated areas look very crowded and chaotic. Everybody is pushing around and dodging something or the other every minute. And OMG! do not even get me started on the traffic jams. It somehow feels like there weren't that many when I left in 2008 and somehow in 2013 it tripled or quadrapled!?!

Hot Chips: There's like a Hot Chips store in almost every street. I remember I used to love those karela chips and banana chips fried in coconut oil. WOW did I miss them!

Temples: Beautiful colorful temples everywhere filled with lines of bhakts. There's something so calm and positive about being around a temple even with so many people visiting them throughout the day. I'm not a regular temple-going person but I did miss having them around. Chicago had a single ISKCON temple (which looked more like a rented concert hall) near to where we lived and I really would have liked having a more colorful and uniquely designed temple around.

Street Performances: For no reason all of a sudden a group decides to beat drums and blow trumpets in the middle of the street blocking everybody's way and there's always a huge crowd gathered around. While street performances are not uncommon elsewhere in the world, India is a whole different level in this score. We beat everybody else!

What did you miss when you got back to India after a few years in a foreign country? Let me know in the comments below :)

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Ramesh said...

Really, really .... When ???????

rads said...

Its been a month Ramesh...didn't get time to post at all! been hectic..

Rekha said...

Welcome back to Bangalore! :)

rads said...

Thanks Rekha :D