Marrying the Right Person for the Right Reasons

I think there's a huge number of reasons why marrying a person is considered so carefully. A marriage constitutes spending more than half of a person's lifetime with another person. This person is hence the most important decision one can make in their lives.

I believe that marriage is a support system that can either make you or break you depending on who you are married to. Following are some dos and don'ts I think everyone should consider before forming a union.

  • Marry a person because he / she genuinely wants to be with you and become your support system for the rest of your lives. 
  • Marry a person because they value the relationship and do things to enhance it rather than trying to find reasons to break it. 
  • Marry a person who's positive and stays positive / hopeful during tough times.
  • Marry a person who dreams of a life with you and takes action to fulfill those dreams.
  • Marry a person who values you, wants to have a family with you and has solid future plans.

  • Do not marry a person who's negative and quits as soon he gets a chance to escape.
  • Do not marry a person who complains and is ready to blame you whenever things seem bad.
  • Do not marry a person who dreams of a life for himself but leaves you behind or forgets to include you in that dream.
  • Do not marry a person who has commitment issues and does not want to be held responsible for anything in the relationship.
  • Do not marry a person who does not want to discuss things with you before taking major decisions about your life.

I've been married for almost 10 years now and trust me I do know what I'm talking about. Simple things like making sure you have eaten before he / she has dinner, opening the door for you because they know you have a bad hand, helping you carry bags because they are too heavy for you etc. They all show how much the person respects and values you and the relationship.

That said, one should not marry for wrong reasons either. Below is my list of reasons why you should not get married.

  • Everybody is doing it so you should too. This is not eating popcorn while watching a movie.
  • It is the age to get married. No age is the right age to get married and it is never too late either.
  • The guy / girl is rich or has a good job etc. This is not a business merger and a marriage should not be based on how you want to depend on the other person for the rest of your life.
  • The guy / girl looks good. Looks are not everything. People age and don't look so good after a certain age. And a good looking person always does not mean a nice person.
  • Parents / peers are pressuring you to get married. Marriage is one decision you should make on your own because if it fails - at least it is not because of someone else's mistake.

What do you see in a person before deciding to marry him / her. Who is the right person for you and what are your reasons to want to get married? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading this post :)

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