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So it's March 8th and I got reminded about a 100 times already that it is Women's Day. Do I feel any different? Do I feel like celebrating it or acknowledging it? No thanks; Not really! Anyhow, it got me thinking how a lot of women give a lot of importance to the men in their lives. They portray them as powerful, full of knowledge, virile, macho, responsible, rich etc. etc. And it doesn't matter which generation / country / race / religion these women belong to, it is still the same with all of them.

Why does a woman need to justify something based on what her husband or boyfriend thinks. Why does a Mom have to say to her kids, "If you don't switch off the TV and get to your homework I will complain to your Dad". And why do we women believe that what the husband says or does is the right thing. Why does a woman never admit that her husband or boyfriend is jobless. Why does a woman feel the need to boast about how long and hard and how many number of times her husband or boyfriend can have sex with her.

Oh my husband does triathlons. Oh my husband is gifting me expensive diamonds. Oh my husband is taking me to the Maldives and we are staying at the Waldorf. Oh my husband can buy out this company in seconds. My husband, my boyfriend, my father, my brother! Gosh!! when will this end and till when will we keep heading in this direction. How can women ever be free, independent and claim equality when we are so tied down to the men in our lives for every decision. Why do we keep seeking approval from society based on how capable the men in our lives are. To all the women who are reading this, society should know and appreciate YOU for what you are capable of, NOT what your husband or boyfriend is capable of.

We should really change this kind of one-sided male oriented thinking. I want to hear a man say to his kids "If you don't listen to me I will call your Mom". Or, "Oh my wife is taking me on a Europe trip". But all I hear around is "Oh my wife makes the best paav bhaji". So yeah, Happy Women's Day! and good luck to all the women out there who are fighting for equality.

PS: I really loved this video; the only women's day wish I will acknowledge and accept today.

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